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General Design FAQ’s

The best way to get started is to fill out our web design quotation form, this will allow us to provide you with a tailored quote to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can pick from one of our web design packages and get in touch by visiting our contact page.
We provide basic cost estimates on our web design page for some of our most popular configurations, however it’s best to fill out our web design quote form to get a proper quote that is tailored to your needs, as it might end up costing less than you expected.
We use the open-source content management system (CMS) platform WordPress for all our web design projects. We use WordPress because it has an extremely large user base and is extremely customisable.
A content management system is a type of web software that stores the content for the website in a database and serves up that content to visitors each time they request it. CMS websites are great because each page isn’t static. But the reason we love to use CMS platforms is because our clients can edit website content themselves, without our help! This ends up saving you time and money.
No, unfortunately we cannot. At this time we exclusively work with the WordPress content management system platform. Sticking with one platform allows us to offer full support in a platform that we are experts in.
No, we cannot work on existing websites as there are issues regarding liability if multiple agencies/developers are modifying the code.
No, we do not use templates. However, we do use and customise WordPress themes, and on occasion, in extremely custom situations, we develop proprietary themes.
It really depends on the complexity of the project, how quickly clients respond with feedback + revisions and the time it takes us to complete those revisions. We have completed web design projects within a 3 weeks of quoting, while other projects have taken up to 5 months. To find out exactly how long your project will take, feel free to fill out our web design quote form.
If the total cost of the project is greater than $700 at the time of first estimate, we invoice a 25% non-refundable deposit, once you are happy with the final website we invoice the remaining 75% of the total amount. After full payment is received, we take your site live. We keep you updated on the hours billed over the length of the project, if for any reason the original scope of the project is exceeded, we let you know before billing you for extra hours.
We primarily work with small businesses right here in Western Australia ranging in all types of industry.
During the whole process from first quotation to final delivery, you will have direct communication with the designer that is working on your website.
No way! Only one designer will develop your website, and will be located right here in Australia.
YES, this is our preferred way for you to give feedback. Unless the project is heavily custom and exceeds $4,000, we don’t bother with wire-framing and concept designs, we start programming it straight away on our demonstration server. This allows you to visit the site at a special web address and interact as if it were live!
No, we cannot write the text content for your website. However we do help with establishing the best page structure and site map for your website!
YES, after the final invoice amount is paid, we transfer all site content to your preferred web hosting destination.
It’s very unlikely that you will be unhappy with your final site, since you will have input throughout the entire process. In the situation that you are unsatisfied with your final website, please let us know so we can do everything we can to make it right.
Yes, we offer heavy discounts on web design services for charity and NGO organisations, feel free to get in touch to discuss your options.

Web Hosting & Domain Registration FAQ’s

Your website can live wherever you want it too! However we recommend that it’s hosted in a data centre based in Australia. After we finish our web design process, we transfer the site content to your prefered web hosting company.
Most people think the internet is up in the “Cloud”, but that is simply not the case. The internet is a network of interconnected computers called “servers” that are located around the world. In order for a visitor to access your website, it needs to be stored in a place where all internet users can access it. Allowing your own physical server to be accessible on the internet is typically very expensive and overkill for a small business. Web hosting companies operate hundreds of servers in secure data centre environments and charge you to rent space on one of their servers, you usually end up paying a yearly fee. Most web hosting companies are also domain registrars, allowing you to package web hosting and domain rental.
Once you have your site on a server that is accessible on the internet you need to rent a website domain name, this is a unique name that usually ends in .com or and points to the server your website is stored on. Think of a domain name like a physical street address, in order for visitors to visit your website, they need an address to navigate too. When you rent a domain name, you usually set it up to point to where your website is hosted.
Absolutely! When you hire us to develop your website, we take care of all the technical details and liaise with your web hosting and domain registration company on your behalf. All you have to do is pick a domain name that is available!
There are many web hosting companies that have data centres in Australia, if you’re unsure as to which company to go with, we can recommend one.

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